Nadwa Al Awar Biography

Nadwa Al Awar was born and raised in the city that never sleeps -- Beirut. She stormed on the fashion scene with the launch of Nadwa Al Awar Haute Couture fashion house, which has become one of the most innovative high-end fashion retailers in the pan-Arab world, and the Number One choice for local and pan-Arab celebrities.

Nadwa Al Awar's outfits are made from high quality, expensive, and often unusual fabric, sewn with elaborate attention to detail, and finished by most experienced and capable seamstresses, using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques.

With an early start in 1999 as a fashion guru, Al Awar's passion and ambition spurred her to compete with global leaders in the fashion industry. In 2003, “La Naissance” made its debut, Al Awar's first collection for a catwalk. Many other iconic collections followed, which propelled Al Awar onto a bigger stage on the fashion scene in the Arab World, especially with the launch of her 'Festival de Couleurs' collection.

She was soon listed among the most favored fashion designers, due to her inimitable gift of creating new and exciting combinations of grace and elegance. This led her to participate in several fashion shows. She became a most sought-after designer among fashion aficionados who were impressed and bowled over by her genius of creating veritable works of art.

Nadwa Al Awar Haute Couture designs are for today's modern woman who enjoys bold, contemporary pieces that give a style direction to her wardrobe. Trans-seasonal pieces that work together…work or play…day or night…past, present and future.

Al Awar's designs are commonly described as 'classics with a twist!' that strive for perfection in every aspect of the garment with attention to detail and finishing. The style, the cut, must always flatter the feminine silhouette with superb taste and exciting and unique fabrics.

This formula obviously works as Nadwa Al Awar Haute Couture national and international clientele have been heading to her door for the past 15 years.